Is propranolol prescription only: jaundice and also glycosuria. i, therefore, diagnosed it as being a. side effect of propranolol coughing hospital for consumption and diseases of the chest,
Is Propranolol Prescription Only

The truth is, as we shall see, that syphilis resembles nearly every-

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day, mixed with the other powders which they are taking.

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weak. and. therefore, the administration of either chloroform or ether

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-miles, occupying three days and four nights, all but one spent in the

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Hospital Saturday in Belfast.— Saturday, May 27 ih,

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chest and on the arm. It is very suspicious to find one pupil en-

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of a child are by gesture, and gesture language remains an important

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tics for London and Berlin show that the number of cases in the upper

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put the case into the paper for judgment on July 3rd. In the meantime

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Sa. 6d., which sum should be forwarded in post-office orders or stamps with

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while percussion is always less than the wide area of dulness in aortic

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utmost perseverance in a systematic course of treatment will insure

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that the lanugo of the feminine face is always accentuatedly

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disease a merely fimctional medicine like opiiun or any of its derivar

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Patients with a persistent rapid action of the heart, without fever

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regions, and of a similar pain, sometimes of a shooting character, reach-

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North of Ireland Branch —The annual meting of the North of

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The typhoid bacillus, on the other hand, causes a fever which lasts

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don Ophthalmic Hospital, Moorflelds, 8 p.m.— Mr. A. Quarry

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The one word which then describes the effect is "alarm." Even the

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In no other disease is this symptom so marked, except in developing

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w ^.^ ^^j ,»,|| h « Huuill, clear vesicle appears, which greatly facilitates

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of sunstroke itself, either of great prostration, with symptoms of heart

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offences with which it falls within the statutory province of the Council

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clearly tlie nitrite reaction with the metaphenylendiamine

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marked to liim that the female brain weighed 3^ ounces less

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Neueoloqical Society of London, National Hospital for the Para-

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to lead to atheromatous degeneration, as we find this latter condition

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itself. I may point out, however, that 1 in 1,000 of amyl

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of the interstitial nephritis, ending in the shnmken red and granular

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and sorrow, and their great sympathy with his family. Mr.