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puscles ; moderate poikilocytosis. Three typical nor-

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but is in either case readily recognized by the extreme promi-

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As the transitional leukocyte forms a prominent feature of the

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organization, and a catalogue of the names of members, and

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results that have been obtained witli several org-anic ex-

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of the day, became larger and at the same time pustular. The

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(c) Pains in one or both ears: This persists for a few hours. In one case

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Notice the course of the ileo-inguinal and ileohypogastric nerves.

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ciency from any cause. As a rule, palpitation is more violent and dis-

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of a vivid hue, and occur chiefly in those regions of the body where

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rhages the spleen may temporarily produce red cells.

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serum that were not anticomplementary in four times the dose used,

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It may help to formulate a simpler scheme for these illy understood

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speak it was discovered that his consciousness and memory

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the magic waters of White Sulphur Springs, and the elastic

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mosquitoes) ague affords some argument in favour of the theory.

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physician's skill ; and the frequency with which rheu-

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sessed almost, with the thought of the infectiousness

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lesion of the temporal lobe alone. In seven of these the first temporal

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a factor in the diagnosis as against cancer and in favor

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(6) Reflex. — Hyperchlorhydria; gastric ulcer; nausea; pregnancy; tri-

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ment of Chapter IV, Section 1, to delete two sentences which

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I887,xxxii, 89. — French (A ) schedule of fees. Med.Rec,

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Dr-Mrs KL Banman; Grant County Woman's Medical Auxiliary — Mrs Leo Becker

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forearms, and on the face. They are small papules, and are undergoing

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especially the case when a free channel of communication exists between

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One pill to be given every morning, noon and night The Malate of Manganese is

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through the dura into the brain. In the throat there

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I have made some experiments with a view to ascertain its precise mode of

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liquid and the flasks are placed at 37'C. for eight to ten

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days after parturition. The fact that an animal has the disease

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The medical question therefore was, whether the state of the child's limbs