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carbonate to a fluid ounce of water every two or three
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close enough to each other to become confluent, forming more or less
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two horse chestnuts when the promise is that one will
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we could not select any more suitable and abler men than those
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cysts are quite frequent. Where myxomatous tissue occurs the tumor
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the muscles may undergo more or less degeneration, as in a peripheral
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and instructive. The Report for 1909 is no exception, and we
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letting in any case be carried farther than is just necessary
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Total Excision of the Scapula alone, and with the Arm
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out of doors or on going down an incline, but she thinks it has improved
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The committee reported with satisfaction that the progress
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in chronic renal disease it is often largely increased. Its discharge is occa-
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to the hairs by the secretion of the cement gland. In about six days these
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Repr. from: Jahib. f. Kiuderkr., Erlaug., 1862, xxxix.
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We must compliment the publishers on the excellent style in which they have
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Dr. Farr said he had attended on the in\-itation of the Com-
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and with the secondary effects on the vessels and heart of chronic
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of the body at the time of its administration. For this reason. Dr.
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poisoning, on the other hand, the nitrogen, of the bases amounts to
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"The supervention of measles upon vaccination, by the doctrine of chances,
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The condition after the attack is also various. Generally,
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of the liquid commences a few days after the accumulation has reached the
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Integumental - Sweating and urticana were reported significantly more fre-
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eases of the Gastro-intestinal Tract, Hygiene, and Climatology, Depart-
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Tardinus, Joannes. Disquisitio physiologica de pilis. Turnoni, Linocer,
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quency of these events as compared witli the extreme infrecjuency of
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Dr. B. Sachs instanced two cases in which epilepsy had re-