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Prostatic Hypertrophy, Treatment of, with Prostate Gland 389

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first issue contains much interesting materia), and shows

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a young man, he did not venture to lay too much stress upon it.

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Edward Jackson, M.D., and E. B, Gleason, M D. i2mo, 290

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nothing is to be seen until the fourth day ; and then the prognosis is com-

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either side. In severer and more protracted cases, the entire lower

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cold, clammy perspiration ; his pulse had lost force, and his

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ih.ey are seen entirely on the one or the other of these

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cumstances are the most favorable to putrefactive fermentation and the

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to foresee the cases in which it will occur ; in general it continues and

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tartar-emetic, for which reason I have adopted the latter, and

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and all the time, watch the pus, which 77iust 7iot be

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times with relief of the pain, sufficiently characterize the former affection

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1 in 60 ; tanners, 1 in 2'.I0 ; travellers, 1 in 230 ; umbrella

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the late George Harrison, whose family have contributed the

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reader of agricultural literature, who is not able to interpret

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but by the publication of the first systematic treatise on

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By a special process of concentration, a single capsule

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acute diseases require to be modified. For other examples of peritonitis.

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num, where much of the chyle is taken op by the thousands of minute

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proposed a subcommittee to study methods of obtaining

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second day, the origin of the infection not being far to seek.

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respiration, and pressure. They are associated with the e^'idences of enlarge-

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have come from the skin. The same organism was also

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this S (cioty, for this cliair has been filled successively

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That the afternoon sessions, so far as possible, be limited to

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The remaining 7 patients were between the ages of fi^■e and sixteen years,

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to anuerism. In the one occurring on the right side pressure from can-

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skill of the operator would go far to decide the point in any given

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regulations had been modified regarding the non-notifiable diseases,