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produced by the transference of direct force from the palm of the hand to the

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tion of Liebig s method for the determination of urea, and of

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our patients' sufferings, before attempting a remedy.

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the liver is assumed as the basis of the reasoning : But even when

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This assumption, as a later chapter will reveal, is

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Bacteriological Examination of Exudates. In a measure the

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in thirty-eight instances during the first twenty-four hours ; in eighteen

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favorable for persons who have contracted an eczema in the inland

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came the duty of the Society to enforce this by-law in

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(Translated by the Editor from La Clinique Medicale de L'Hotel Dieu, of M, Trousseau.)

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slightest idea of practising medicine and surgery. The teacher

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. Dulness of the head, within 2 min., afterwards pressure

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t Traite sur les Maladies de la Peau, t. ii. p. 2G0.

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The Relation of Hyperacidity and Hjrpersecretion to Gastric Ulcer. —

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those cases are special ones, and not at all the common experi-

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Of this compound, two large spoonsful are to be taken

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energy readily produced, either in consequence of a slight primary per-

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explain this cirrhosis, except the diabetes mellitus, from which he had suffered for about

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minutes duration, and was able to walk home with very little

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deferoxamine, and iron chelating agent, and ascorbic acid on iron and

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tion on the part of foreign surgeons to consider the work done in

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the stomach, can produce reflected pain in a distant part,

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matous degeneration of the peripheral nerves, sometimes accompanied

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packed with red cells that are in direct continuity with those in the

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ration did not deteriorate after keeping from one to three

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that will have a permanent value as a work of reference