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symptoms, especially in the pain and the digestive phenomena, and

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circus. This is, no doubt, one of the evils of special Hospitals.

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The ohjections to ligature are, the production of a slough or

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Connecticut Medicine does not hold itself responsible for statements

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feelings and mind are quiet, tranquil, cleat*, and happy, even

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nerally the same. The elements of the food, and of the chymous

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maniacal attacks. The patient recovered, and became wardrobe maid at

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can be made, and new inventions are continually coming to the front

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pher Columbus made to the Indies ; and also I heard many

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eases of the Throat and Chest; John B. Roberts, M. D.,

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a vesicle. The plan got the name of the Suttonian system of

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nails first. Then look whether the shoe standeth right or

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tothrixart, gefunden bei der weissen Varietiit des Ma-

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Is it probable that the vital forces, unaided, would have over-

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pain of any amount. Bandage slackened; yet I did not wish to

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cramps (2.7 percent), nausea (2.5 percent), asthenia (2.4 percent), orthostatic effects (23 percent), impo-

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symptom. In severe cases the vomiting is apt to be repeated, not only

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women towards sexual indulgence as such, and having regard to the

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volume of free-floating clot, both anticoagulation ther-

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population of France continues to be very .slow. As an example,

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erected at Wales, Wis. The medical profession, he said, must lead and bear the

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they considered him innocent, but that he had acted in

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omer and Danish bishop, Tycho Brahe, who died of rupture of the

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joint, or else the swelling is only apparent; the joint becomes more

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given in solution and in doses of from fifteen to thirty

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riors ; in brief, the district forms an inviting, whole-

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rected upon the multitude of objects that are brought

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latter feature is also common to it when in other situations. Little is

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who really value the forceps, and advocate its proper and judicious use,

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head having regained its former size, it was a third

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long waiting lines for open heart surgery, elective