Harga obat tetes mata erlamycetin chloramphenicol: treatment seems to have been partly due to john hunter's comparison. common side effects of chloramphenicol eye drops mr. jno. a. w. dollar's case, veterinarian, 1896, p. 668.
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old, it was long believed that the method was dangerous, and that

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becoming tuberculous and ulcerated. The dejections are then rich in

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except that the biceps was slightly contracted. The pain was very

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On the 15th January, i8g6, the guinea-pigs were killed. On post-

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of fracture. There had been extensive formation of bone, in the form

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ing. Temperature 39'5^ C ; respiration 22 ; pulse 56. The abscess

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and illustrated with pictures full of painstaking seven-

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This horse died on the 3rd May, 1899, from rupture of the stomach.

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To sum up, although the initial stages of tubercle formation in the

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at 6 a.m., fifteen hours after attack. The temperature never rose more

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tion of the theory of wave-propagation to the passage of various sensa-

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hur'h Medical and Surgical Journal, vol. xxii, 1 824, p. 295).

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portion of the cord lesions which explain these symptoms.

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Autopsy. — No liquid in the abdominal cavity ; intestines of normal

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time. In all, the normal vigour and working powers steadily diminish ;

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J. Hutchinson, F.R.C.S. On Xanthelasma Palpebrarum as a

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The Rev. Dr. Bell : That a Committee be appointed for the purpose

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Next day the dressing was renewed. The animal ate freely and

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