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Appearance of First Symptom. — May, 1921, and consisted in

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fore, when we remember how sensitive females generally are during the months of

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matters of public health, there is a universal unwillingness to

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4. On Ciliary Movement, Alex. Sttjabt. (Idem, .p. 288.)

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sulphonephthalein findings alone as an expression of the true

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clear up, from the way in which they are confounded with

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same under normal conditions, or is constant in its expression

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another is decreasing. Thus, at the present time, while the United States is (bfll

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cases are recorded^ each with its appropriate commentary.

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explicit book of reference is especially required. The first

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men on the heart and blood-vessels in the future examination of all fatal cases."

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your eldest son continues so long unmarried. I hope he does not intend to live and

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the families of the artillery, who had unfortunately been transferred

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