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We learn from our Indian correspondents that M. Haffkine,

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Branch on the Council of the Association for the ensuing year. Members

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Johnson, Hy. Sandford. M.R.C.P.I., reappointed Medical Officer of Health

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Royal College of Physicians, Ireland), Dr. .Joseph Kenny,,

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the Platypus brand, sent by the Tasmanian Eucalyptus Oil

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to the Dejiancc, April :M.b: Chaules J. Fife, Surgeon, t.) tlie irandrrer.

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amongst the unvaccinated as compared with the vaccinated

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M.b. and CM. His name was omitted from the list formerly published

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best evidence of the value of the services rendered by the

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We are, on broad public grounds, all in favour of this

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the sickness, pain, grief, misery, and death with which the

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Editor, 429, Strand, W.C, London ; those concerning business matters,

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Passed in Ana'omy only -H, Leader, Guy's Hospital, and W, O, Beddard;

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