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Dr. M. C. White moved that a tax of two dollars be laid upon

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which is based upon the power of the normal eyes, to select from many

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looks upon the piesent time as a critical period in the

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children it had been proved that alcohol was such a frequent cause. This

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Fig. G. — Monlcej- 2: Liver stained In- tlie Levaditi luetliod of silver impreg-

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Appointed to Consider " t?ie Best Means for Preventing Quitcktry^ and

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corrlioea, succeeding to acute moral emotions. Under its influence

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towards the white. The flame scintillated and flickered, and

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wne^ reliered for the time, but the constipated habit becomes more

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the last.^' It is quite settled now that they never degenerate, as

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Much discussion has arisen as to the manner in which the hypo-

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eliminates Pinworms and Roundworms with a single dose

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( or y) is reserved for general purposes of verification, to make out

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when this was compressed, the enlarged hypogastric veins

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occurs only in absolutely fresh serum. The serum in Exp. 6 was

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neither the fingers nor a ligature can be of any avail in advanc-

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the sort of mental food it was provided with, particularly amongst

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before you is a similar preparation spontaneously expelled from

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erally received and acted upon. They were opposed by the old men.

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lation of the depressor nerve, which under ordinary circum-

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otherwise the glandular system seems normal. On the glans

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This I believe to be chiefly owing to the circumstance that less

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are requisite iA the present state of society. It is addressed in a

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willingly heard a new doctrine if scientifically and

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so grave disease, a young Allopathist was called, who treated her,

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any cases — is there an isolated case — where, in the absence of the objective symptoms,

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2. The penetration of a limpid and fresh liquid into the peritoneum, which in

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the femur, which were the first to appear, were longer in heal-