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ple line. It is therefore not noticeably enlarged. The apex-
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J. B., a delicate bov, aged 6, while climbing into bed on the
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injuries, as a blow on the cheek, may terminate in suppuration
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plexus and the sympathetic nerve in the urinary bladder and rectum,) on the one hand, and
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6. Hutyra states that out of 787,772 young pigs which were
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Mrs. L. C. Barr, vice president; and Mrs. H. B. Neel,
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the river, and about half a mile up this stream there was a farmhouse
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bers of the household. Her mother, Pellagrin 940, lived in the same
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that the value of all physical methods may be understood, then
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prussid are added to the urine, and then some diluted sodium hydroxid. If kreatinin