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Case III. — I. C, merchant, age sixty, patient at the University Hospital. This man
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with tabes has been referred to frequently and the cases
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developed a circumscribed peritonitis and died. I have reason to believe
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or steamed. Articles injured by heat may be subjected to sulphur
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Pathogeny. — According to Davaine, this parasite is rarely found in
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the autoclave so that a picrate and from this in turn a bisulphate could
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preclude subsequent careful dose titration with the drug, following effective management of the hypotension. The
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Gastrointestinal: Anorexia, diarrhea, dysgeusia. mild elevations of SGOT. SGPT,
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ment of one to every five hundred will result in too large
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In these cases I temporize and insist that the patient take a
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so successful that in two weeks she accompanied the girl on
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553. — Oerlach (\V.) Ueber das Torkommen specifisch
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bin and not hematin precipitates in the proximal tubules
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tion of the liver. It is the latter form which is intended by the term
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occasionally painful. His strength diminished rapidly, and he
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457-401. — Bcngolea (F.) Epidemias que se desari'o-
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minishing my difficulties and persecutions, se^ms I'atlier to have incrcas
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ber of days in hospital, when this treatment was applied simply, was twenty-five,
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reaction which probably is caused by the choudroitin-sulphuric acid. It
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palsy, with marked anaesthesia of left face ; great loss of sensibility in left
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and practice, too numerous to classify or even refer to.
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in the alimentary canal. That in the great majority of cases the increased
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such as found by Lancereaux in the left ganglion inferius
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the purpose for which it is designed, viz. to afford that amount
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air. Of two rabbits, both poisoned with strychnia, it was found that
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ble to the neurotic temperament or disposition. It is not unfrequently
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