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conditions, while for the disinfectant the conditions
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matory irritation of the mucous membrane of the upper air-passages; dis-
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tremities of the opposite side, and, as a rule, the lower branches of the opposite
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ate butter. She once took a tablespoonful of mashed
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The treatment required is usually very simple. A few
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where a very slow process of strangulation is required.
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temperatures, with an almost constant and often great atmospheric
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acute appendicitis with a small, walled-in, well-local-
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plaque in one of the larger branches of the pulmonary
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Dr. Wilson Fox, there is at the same time large appetite, with rapid
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presence. In the ten cases to which I have referred there was no
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fession and the public ; but there was need for still fur-
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knowledgement of the character of the claimant either as a knave or an
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agents, cross-sensitivi^ may exist. Diuresis and hypoglycemia have occurred rarely in patients receiving
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The same attack was repeated on the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth days,
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sented local manifestations ; after six weeks, paral-
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pain in the small of the back and pelvic region ; drawing in the thighs,
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Genus 16: Goeldia: Postscutellum (metanotum) has cha}ta} and
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as a rule, are not called for. If they diminish appetite, occasion nausea,
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seem not really to have felt the depression in any proper sense. The motor
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convinced by, Dr. I'aramore's suggestion that the cause might be toxic, and
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The varied contents of the present journal reflect the extent of the territory
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phenomena. On the contrary, from the present state of our knowl-
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Definition. — As defined by Dana, "apoplexy is a clinical tenn use*! :•'
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Treatment. — The first point is to remove the patient if possible from
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A ductless gland, in the left hypochondriac region (opposite the