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the individual. Against such diseases as tuberculosis and leprosy,
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The Bill as introduced appears to give small satisfaction,
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power by potassic permanganate when present^in the proportion of .007
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down to the lower edge with nitric acid, hoping thus to learn whether thev
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Heretofore it was always considered to be allied to such
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that he had first noticed a tingling or numbness in
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wounds of any kind. The whole matter, then, is very
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difficult matter if the regular symptoms are kept in mind. A combination
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in which the eruption was slight or altogether absent the
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rabbits at doses up to 55 times the human dose, revealed no evidence of impaired
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The papulae of I ichen, particularly when confluent,
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Areb. f Ophth., Leii)?.., 1898, xlv, 409-196, 3 pi. .
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The mode of death is as follows : — The blood becoming
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Abbott's paper in the New York Medical Record of May 12,
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even with these precautions I have signally failed and had rupture to
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of the lymphocytes and large mononuclear cells is unstained, or after strong fixation,
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ties of France and of the milk distributed from the milk depots
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tissue development, the vein walls may be weakened,
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break of the epidemic, did their duties thoroughly well.
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general health is bad, tonics and change of air will be
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immediately under discussion ; for where it is possible for
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sures for assuring effective emergency medical sys-
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