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the onset of the heat-shock response requires at least two

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AHEC Tumor Board, 1st through 4th Friday each month, 12:00 noon, alternates between Wadley Regional Medical Center & St.

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to the suspected poisoning ; (2.) the morbid appearances found at the

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2. Ho will receive from the Rc^n?trar^ of Births and Deaths, and will be

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injection of a minute dose of tuberculin. StoU and Heublein call attention to

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results need to be anticipated by the caregiver to avoid adverse psycho-

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under the heading Serum Diagnosis in the article on " Fevers." A

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for the practitioner, for one who may need counsel, but who is already

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among physicians' names, but for a first edition, the

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disturbance of the pancreas, either of a functional nature, or due to

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oxygenation of the blood and tissues of the body, but just as in

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strength had visibly increased under the repeated aspirations, or

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tures, into Joints : their Modes of Union, with the

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which the only treatment is an immediate operation, if it is to

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(dotted line) the inverse value of jS; that is, " The light curve which

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month. Considerable stiffness of the hip-joint remained for nearly six months,

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I'-;" ;"-i;i'M (..■.. i).nui .,„■„,.!„.(„•. ,.j ,,„ ,,i,n,nMc.r.a inp,:.

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alone, 50,000 head, with a mortality of 1,500 (3 per cent.) ; and

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The second specimen, containing the embryo, was re-

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v^as gassed he had some post-nasal catarrh, and since the gassing it has been

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