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party, numbering about four hundred, were taken in special

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mouths after marriage, ulcerations in the region of the peri-

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of exhaustion, especially in the advanced stages of the disease; but in many of

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Community of over 50,000. Excellent living conditions,

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A careful analysis of the cases of heart disease with a view to

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destroyed the deeper tissues, finally giving rise to caries of

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Why have we so little acquaintance with the morbid conditions

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genital heart disease, i.e., the combination of " pulmonic stenosis"

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April last, when, having made up his mind to submit to ope-

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have a depressing effect, while the lung was apparently resolv-

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Rby. IV. — 1. Annual Report of the Local Government Board for Ireland,

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the dorsum of the foot and over the heel. The patient com-

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him, it may perhaps be overcome. It would be well if every sanato-

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tubular and vesicular structure of this portion of the encephalon. There were no

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to have been recognized only since 1863, when Kjellberg (cited by

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Common lint which has been soaked in a boiling saturated

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to study medicine. He came to the United States and, in 1885, was graduated from

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account of the hindrance to the blood-stream, for either cause would give rise to a

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I shall now advert to some of the pathological effects of this