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Saratoga presented the following resolutions, which

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1896, IxiF, 630. Also: Pacific Rec. M. & S., San Fran.,

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tartar-emetic, for which reason I have adopted the latter, and

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in this line and stated that from a medical standpoint

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be remembered among the most illustrious in French Surgerv.

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The question of civil malpractice is of interest to both the

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the whole, however, the violence of the disease has greatly

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done " by each surgeon in turn, for a period of three months at

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tssary, but the chief point is to ascertain the cause of the

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the teeth, fetor of the breath, marked tremors, and paralysis. The oral

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newspapers, TV, etc., on the various events we hold

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tuberculosis. We have an analogy in the pancreas — primary

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pass over the three first of these divisions, and come at once to

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had been introduced about eight days previously. It was of a conical

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for it. And why are the other two gentlemen silent ?

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Ginger.— H., dr. 2-oz. 1 (gm. 8.-30.). C, oz. 1-4 (gm. 30.-120.). Sh. &

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they are in need of it." It has also been decided to form

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cure, are now sent to sanatoriums. It is a notorious fact that

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pathological state, such as a pulmonary cavity, so much as of a physical

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not had a definite attack of typhoid fever. One is strongly suspicious

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remembering this, the last part of the message of that Uni-

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one-ninetieth of an inch in diameter, and partly contained in cells of a very fine deli-

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By Frederick T. Egberts, M.D., F.R.C.P., Senior Physician to

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however, did not at first distinguish separation and expulsion, but

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These same experiments, however, have proven that the abduc-