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Current experience clearly favors using cyclophosphamide in
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of bronchitis or even of inhalation bronchopneumonia. The extreme
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mation of a hsematocele. Under treatment directed to the re-
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question, and urobilinuria is common in association with hepatic disease,
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than in women. The reason for this is probably that
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recognized to be parasitic. In the case of syphilis, al
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stress upon the usefulness and importance of gymnastic
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tissue, appear the bacilli. Thus some of our most con-
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left hand had been crushed and lacerated by cogged-wheels. Tetanus appeared on the
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attempt. Dr. Hein observes that in four cases he had perseveringly employed
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septicemia from other causes. I do not now refer to those
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From this peculiar appearance of the red particles of the blood,
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Mr. Liston, says — " When a blow is inflicted on the skull, only
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neuse, cynanche, croup, diphtheritis, and diphtheria, the disease has been
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are flat, angular, or cylindrical ; whilst mucus and pus corpuscles,
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be most speedily remedied by a restricted diet, re-
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■ 100% said the directions on the Convenience Pak were
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though the patient stood the operation badly, he re-
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pronounced. His attention having been thus called to
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extent in 18T0-, having produced 293 deaths, but it had
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alteration to the regulations already issued in reference to
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Beatty now began to reap the reward of untiring assiduity,
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in the fourth, fifth, and sixth decades of life. The
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Dr. Keegan congratulated Mr. ^ITonnell ou his inlov(>st-
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base sanguineous with small rigid villosities. The ap-
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man, and did not appear very sick at the time of en-
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not meet the exacting modern industrial medical requirment in
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