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other points than under the seat of injury, and an operation is

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application of Labarraque's solution to the throat." A

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The liver surface was seen to be studded with cysts. The

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without marks of external violence, it would be impossible ; since persons

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on stricture ;* and an interesting critical and historical

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for his improvement and instruction." Such persons were to be

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" Besides, putting the matter on the broad ground of

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Lotion (see Prescriptions, in back of book). If inflammation

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about double that of bottle-fed children. In Europe and in

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8th. That the division of a stricture by these means will not always insure

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are used principally upon fresh meats, where they act as a preservative

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blood vessels were dilated, the endothelial cells of which pre-

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shaped. If one examines a cow's placenta at term (eight and a half

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the name. The skin is somewhat swollen and the rash occa-

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neuralgic attacks in anaemic women. Faisans^'' speaks of three cases

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drawing up of the testicle are sufficiently characteristic when tijey

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people who were readily affected by any agent whatever which

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phylactic attack is of peripheral and not of central origin. It is

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alone, 50,000 head, with a mortality of 1,500 (3 per cent.) ; and

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The physicians of Urbana met June 20 to take suitable action

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which are suggestive. One of the most important characteristics of

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He found that it required 8 times the quantity of bird tuberculin

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activity (in fever sometimes), in which the celerity of pulse depends

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The Secretary reported officially the death of Drs. W. H. Thayer,