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Remarks -. — The above solution is known as Goulard's Extract.
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hands when held out are tremulous. Tremors of the tongue are, as a rule,
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Medicine^ which was so well received that he followed up the
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intellectual capacity for training and guiding the ambitious student. But
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extremities, with a very rapid pulse and other evidence
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canal is best dilated with graduated metal dilators. It should be done
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tion of the skin from the presence of dark pigment.^
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number of the cases in all the epidemics I have read of, and in fatal cases
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syncytium is dissolved by the maternal organism. It had been
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minute. From this point the technic was the same a-> in the first half of the
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as a cause or as a concomitant of the mental disorder, they
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thor. This unalloyed praise of an American medical author, and this eager
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The adult organism is of oval form, 33 to 37 // in length with one ])ole
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plain when motion and locomotion are necessary. The
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known as Heberden's nodules belong to this variety.
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from occasional intense heat of the left ear. There was slight
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portal circulation is not obstructed, as she has no ascites. AVe
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tating nature, strive in this treatment of insanity to withdraw the excess of blood
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again closed, so as to fill its lumen. The tube A is washed out with
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some other form of dyscrasia, such as latent or hereditary
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knowledge in various branches. Thus, as Dr. Hillings
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tion of hydriodate of potash and iodine — a scruple of the for-
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The "weak turns" were still present, but she had had
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phids, nitrites, etc., are present in the sample, corrections should be
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tlie tips of the fingers may at the same time press upon
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Treatment. — Apply hot applications to abdomen, and
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After performing internal urethrotomy it is advisable to pass
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Table No. XL— TEA.CHER3' INSTITUTES — Continued.
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be post-paid, or they will not be taken from the Post Otfice. The virus will invkriably he sent by the