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tenth rib, and posteriorly to a line drawn through the tenth

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is as little known as it is in man ; although it is generally assumed

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drain of albumin, and hence many physicians prefer to delay

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specific "glutinase," the writer prepared an extract from a dog's

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part of the bulb was close and very firm ; thickening and in-

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functions of the Arkansas Medical Society in the past year. I

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ment of diseases on the * pneuma' or ' vital forces,' humors,

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Defflervescence may occur rapidly, but is however, for the most part protracted by

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than the first. In severe cases, indeed, the paroxysms are

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Tubular Passages. — Passing through the head (of A. maculi-

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fibrinous fluid. In robust animals, the exudate in the alveoli is

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3. The annual assessment should be paid in advance,

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native to the course he has taken, that of sending it in in a

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the patient has been liable to fits ; but sometimes the strain of labour

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In a large proportion of the cases in which anaemia exists, it is incidental

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is mostly mere ordinary dropsical serum. In some cases, however, it is

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corresponding permanent teeth by their much smaller size, by the absence ol

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were to be found in the groin. Of course, immediate re-

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no constitutional remedies, blaming Wilde and others

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finds with special tendency to localization at the apex

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regards midwifery, must obtain experience after qualify-

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of these animals was not regularly observed, it was recorded

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that the disease is hereditary ; that it is not contagious ; that it cannot be

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Its rapidity and ease of performance, its perfect safety

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in their endeavors to distinguish pleurisy from pneumonia.

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tism with symptoms of general septicemia. The heart showed

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I think it was the first bicuspid, imbedded in the jaw. That

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^ DefiniUon. Nature. Result of other morbid processes. Leucocytes