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It is Considered quite probable, from reasons advanced, that the
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tion, dryness, sunlight, and freedom from noxious effluvia
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Hyperesthesia must be differentiated from ulcer and chronic gastritis.
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numbers, brings the total values down. For instance, New York has
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be told of the connection of the disease with their habits.
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Finnland in iirztlicher Bezielinng. Jahresb, d. Gesellsch.
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town of Russia near Tartary by a government inspector ; each
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had been no injury and no previous complaint of any nasal trouble.
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J. R. Lippincott & Co.. London: Triibner & Co. 1867.
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gauze. In each case the final cicatrization of the^wound
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t Abstract of a paper read iu the discussion on Typhoid Fever at the meet-
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abdomen was closed in the ordinary layer method, and the
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and choledocholithotripsy, crushing gall-stones in the common duct,
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large unopened abscess was found over the trochanter major. In
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tis— Lens: Anomalies of Position — Physostigma;
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posure, insuflicient clothing, intemperance, sexual excesses, and
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ment of fine, gray tubercles, that average one to two millimeters
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Dr Burn Murdoch said he took it that the tube went into the
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ejections. On seeking into the cause of this, he was told that
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form. It is very doubtful if the cobra and daboia are affected by
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ment can now be more intelligently planned. The classical
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is probably useless in dilatation of the right ventricle,
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requirements of man are, and then to contrast with these
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le mistake, especially as the fever occurs in epidemic form.
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into the cavity of the uterus admitted four fingers.
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“To date, neither the legal system nor the medical community has deter-
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ences of mind and matter," "diphtheria," "cerebro-spinal menin-