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gress made in serum organotherapy and the investigation of
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dren entrusted to them for instruction make any progress
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sixty-three Americans studied there. Curiously, only one of
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* No finality is claimed for these figures. They represent the incidence of
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three surfaces, and three borders. The base corresponds to
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all the vessels was the same ; they appeared as enlarged veins." The
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ordinary requirements. The writer has used it three years old with suc-
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ery of tlie organ. A microscopic central canal runs the entire
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at menstrual periods have half crazed her, made her nearly
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about them, in spite of much recent careful study, may
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not be in too much of a hurrj^, gentleness is more important than
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For this purpose ten cases of serum disease have been studied.
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laria lymphatica Treutzier, Tentacularia subcompressa Zeder 1800, Filaria
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border of the buttocks ; the latter limit is surmounted by
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3. The kind of dog is not specified, which is a point of great
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any emergency. The physicians have only to call, and the
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each of concentrated sulfuric acid and water and boiled for one hour
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their friends or relatives who may have given patronage
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the animal or plant from which the food is derived; (2) microbic inoculation of
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also employed with very striking effects. This man had been ill of fever
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ters. The results obtained have fully justified this
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causes further deterioration in the quality of medical care.
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nonprotein nitrogen have also been made, but on account of lack of
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Fusiliers, in his experience at Madra-, pronounces it to
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almost glad to find that in consequence of his catching small-
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toms, or five or six weeks after the appearance of the ulcer
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into the cavity of the uterus admitted four fingers.
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advance upon the old time methods. '' Pasteurized milk " really
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dreaded venons channels, and prevention of hemorrhage, which expe-
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agency in procuring those letters, but I believe he has omit-
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unscientific, and that his " knowledge " was ignorance.