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1875 Sherwood, Arthur Faul, 8, Seaside Road, Eastbourne.

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protracted, if the soft parts are unduly rigid, if the

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imderlying lesion of the dura. When the dura is wounded and the

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other forms of apparatus. The contracture of itself

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with a further improvement of the hearing distance of the right ear to

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presented. Here then was the real reason for the patient's per-

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Endocarditis and infiammation of serous membranes are rarer complications.

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(1869 b). — Noyaux du poumon du Ijoeuf formes par les distomes <;ibidein, p.

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probable that there exist an excessive production and accumulation in the

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Xanthin crystals, which are always described among urinary sediments

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most commonly occurs in the tibia and , to a lesser extent , the

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Sylvian artery sends branches to the second and third frontal convolu-

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were to be considered ; in fact, a physician in a neighbor-

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abscess occurred, and there was very little swelling of the limb. Besides

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inquiries and grants the medicine to necessitous cases.

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tomy from the same causes that induce duodenal peptic ulcer. It occurs

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deaths from old age in 1865 over those from the same cause in 1864 was 130.

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of Cornell University, these meetings are made very in-

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a pain comes on and terminates the first stage. That the discharge

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the importation of the disease in localities where it did not prexicaslT

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methods already suggested will usually succeed in warding it off.

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in 1912, came on a visit to this family in May, 1913. A pellagrous erythema

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now ready; Volume n, in press, to be ready before January ist; Volume in.

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been found guilty, and to have received sentence of

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445. — Sabncedo (S.) La fiebre amarilla tratada por

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[13] Aykes. Journ. Amer. Med. Assoc, Chicago, 1896, xxvii, p. 986. A case of chloroma

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11. Aiken LH, Lewis CE, Craig MPA et al. The contribu-