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as half of one pleural cavity has existed so long as one month,

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The use of aqueous extract of suprarenal capsules in operations within the nasal

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early diagnosis and prompt medical treatment of prime importance, as surgi-

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Now that is very near denying the physical basis of mind, it seems to me.

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chronic nephritis. These cases are only too common and

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smell of chloroform, over her face ; the other lying in a

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nucleus of origin of the nerve. The most common causes of paralysis of the

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ration he felt considerable pain and great restlessness. At 5 p.m. to have Tr. Opii

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as they are likely to provoke vomiting, are usually

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such distance. Indeed, it is not probable that either of

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temperate and regular. (You will be pleased to direct your particular attention

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glands of the axilla and of the infraclavicular space

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the anuria persists. If a stricture is incidentally discovered in

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8. Auditory tests. — Tests on the sensitivity and acuity of the vari-

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Dr. C. A. LiNDSLEY, of New Haven, remarked that he saw

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dose of 10 grams of the concentrated product suffices.

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water and covering it closely by one or two dry ones, or, better

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port they shall receive. The most important officer in each county society,