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rested ; in the remainder the most careful examination
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pruriginous and gives rise to urticarial wheals elsewhere.
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He mentions, for instance, writings by Frick, of Baltimore, which state
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after the administration of the drug, but elimination of the drug. Third, the ques-
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nothing can take the place of the lead and opium pill.
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opening was enlarged backward and a large blood-clot was
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brain as one of thein. I shall feel oblit'ed by your kindly correct-
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these cases could follow any known technic or that now
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consists of a series of injections covering a period of some weeks.
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This plant is found growing in swamps and moist places,
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are waste products, so far at least as nutritious purposes are concerned ;
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extending up the lower one-third forearms; some pigmentation on
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tic or hepatic arterj-. Even then it is prob- above condition is usually not great, and
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fit, of still greater intensity than had as yet occurred, came on. The
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part of the sternum is common. In the descending portion the swelling, when
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The swelling is painless, increases in the standing posture, and naturally
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“ Herbarius Anglice, depictus,” and as this answers to
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amylene hydrate habit had been engendered or a cachexia due
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nevertheless, the vomiting " began immediately to subside, and she went
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will be administering them to the population at risk.
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After a partial crisis the temperature suddenly began
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Ophthalmic and Aural Surgeon to the Central Dispensary and Emergency
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instances of prolonged abstinence in the former than in the latter. This may
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the duodenum, but quite a different principle operates in the 2
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autopsy of patients who had died of progressive muscular atrophy,
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Homans, J. The remarkable effects of dlvulsion of the urethra,
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ent of The Lancet writes that a lady, who for some time
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after the operation ; there was in these cases, however, disease of the