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of the optic foramen. In pituitary cases, as in all cases of degenerative

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ual practice are undoubtedly due to antiseptic precautions taken.

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to remember that we have no means of analysing the effect of the

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could only indicate his wishes by gestures and peculiar sounds.

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have been no paresthesias, nor blurring of vision, no

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No. 16. Counties of Leeds, Grenville and Dundas, Dr. R. E. Webster, Brockville,

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tida were at first not distinguishable from water ; and when the latter was first

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for in it I read an epitome of the true mission of surgery ideal-

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pain exist upon the surface of the extremities, i.e., the hands and feet,

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was a great waste of teaching power. In the second, as

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enty independent officers is intolerable. The only apparent es-

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the right. She could stand quite steadily with the heels

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3. The average carbon-dioxide combining power of the spinal

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cases. Streptococci grew in pure culture in thirty-one of these, strepto-

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folded into bundles, and wrapped together by other strips ; exter-

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goose-egg has formed it is wise to withdraw the needle and insert it in

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in which the appendix has become involved by adhesions. For

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4. No proof has been offered to show that the fetus or placenta

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violent or not would depend on the medical and circumstantial evidence. In

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the last eight years, but about one-seventh was females. But there is another proof.

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tation will often reveal the fact that the occiput is

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and reside within forty miles "of them, are very clean, and milk

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■written, strong confirmation in a trial which oc-

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probably the choroid and other structures of the eye may also be

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treated bv the dentist. I do not think that '•«•''>' ^o^lie afforded

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light is used, however, I am willing to admit that even the most

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of the western part of the State. It is not unlikely,

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Pathology. — Whatever the original cause of the condition, the resulting

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with loss of appetite and very great prostration, associated often

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out," and have less and less effect ; for effect on the individual,

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