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he was delirious when the fever was at its height In the
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the freedom of the ward. He was about to be discharged as cured on
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Am. Med. Assoc.," Oct. 10, 1885, p. 395; Hartshorne, "Med. News,"
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is in general good, but the patient should be warned
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tled still lower, pressing upon the ciliary body, and
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increase of the cutaneous reflexes, i. e., the appearance of pathologic
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he was placed in the bath for half an hour. The temperature
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tis, and cardiac derangements impeding circulation so as
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the following reasons: the constant presence in the bladder of the urine with its
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rounding the glottis, it is called Oedema of the Larynx. It is a
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period of unconsciousness cyanosed, but upon waking would resume its
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0])hth.. St. Louis. 1898, vii, 33 - 38. — l?Iacbride (N. L.)
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citement, by their effect on the circulation, may act as exciting causes, if,
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malaria was verified by the blood examination. This difference in
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pains, diarrhoea, stools swarming with comma bacilli !
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broadening: science. 'Hiis may seem an maintained helovv, extendinjj into the
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over, and is to lend his influence that the Reichstag may vote
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the application of the leeches. To-daj the febrile symptoms continue ; face is Hushed ;
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operation that appears most practicable in the case at hand. In the
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ing.* The defense was that he died from injuries to the spinal
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Appropriate measures of treatment, removal without the sphere of the
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State of the Pupils. This varies so greatly in different cases, and even
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more marked, the first signs of degeneration are developed. Thus
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Gore, Mr. 11. T., injuries of the humerus and shoulder-