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sight in Goltz' animals, when large parts of the brain
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Watson, Theriac and Mithridatium [London, 1966] 33-44). Mithri-
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tioned in the Review.— Firfc Liber 3. cap ; XFIIL of his works. Haller's
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Peking. About ninety cases are known to have occurred in Tientsin.
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by filling them with uncolored water there could be obtained
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venience or expense, and there are babies who will thrive
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her, while her body was bent backwards like a bow; then, after a time, with
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by the most sagacious and skilful practitioners, and should make us
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and pumps, etc., all of which can be dispensed with
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viduals according to their age, vigor, etc. Moreover, in addition to
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also those which are met with as the result of pre-
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The fluid generally escapes from both nostrils, although it may be more
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already numerous list, and to my mind it is the best instrument in use.
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there occurs a further decrease in the actual number of lymphocytes
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— In our notice of the American Gynaecological Society in the last number,
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primary focus. Including doubtful cases, the glands
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comprising specialists in every department of Surgeiy gamer and sift everything that is
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degenerado en el carrillo derecho; estirpacion; muerte de
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muscular tremors (worse in the morning), vomiting, mental restlessness,
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crisis. The total amount of stimulation was a fifteenth of a
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had been one of the first in New York to take up the
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a definite limit (about 0.05 c.c. for pigs of 250 grams weight) under
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Fig. 17 ; 5. ", The ouclei after tin- addition of acetic acid ; />, the columnar epi-
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fore lays great stress on this part of therapeutics, as well as on the etiology of
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In view of the extreme value of the open-air treatment
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may occur if it be too violent. In taking sparks there is no danger;
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of acetic acid for one or tw^o minutes. The excess of the acid is then
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