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expected soon. In the prospectus it is stated that it is to be published by

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unless prescribed by their Babylonian or Egyptian names.

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fect of some chemical agents. The question of the evolution of

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c c The lungs, of which the lighter portions of the engraving , a kl e to f oxce ou t the

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Hasmorrhage during or after Thyro-fissure in the Removal of

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No degeneration can be made out in Weigert-Pal sections.

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For more information about the HMSS or about any of the reports or resolutions mention in this report, contact me at

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by a man of the most unimpeachable honour and integrity.

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oord than any other form of disease. Further, the grey matter of the

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gressive metamorphosis of the uterus after birth does not affect the whole

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had apparently arrived at full terra without any defect of development. Its

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Cha.n'd Dutt extols (Jndian Med. Gaz., Oct. 1874) the milky juice of the

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eruptions like urticaria or measles which disappear with the fever,

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ant House-Physician. He also affirmed that at no time

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Some men have repeatedly been under observation, and most of

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returned, and iodoform gauze packed well about the seat of the approximation.

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can Desert. The balance of the lot were mainly children

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muscles ; the increase occurs not only in the transverse circumference,

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abdominal swelling. If a large-calibre tube be passed 5 to 6 inches

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these conditions the erythema will sometimes disappear.

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were they in excess either in time or quantity. Early marriages

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The annual meeting of this Society was held at 5 St Andrew

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