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ments. A disinfected sponge is passed up between the uterus and the

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Lindeman, E., The total blood volume in pernicious anemia, /. Am. Med. Assn.^

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neurasthenic patients are actually suffering from brain theo-

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catarrh. The throat may be red and inflamed, the eyes heavy and

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We have had a similar experience with a smaller number

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it was long before the house became entirely free from this '

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remains left by it ; nearly inodorous ; taste strongly astrin-

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the Society. The British Medical Association, like every

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term cholera. Koch rather doubted the antiquity of cholera but

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Much time and effort was expended between 18 July and 15 October 1984, when the

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conferred on surgery by antiseptic methods ; (2) the

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the temporo-sphenoidal and posterior lobes, sending in branches to nourish

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usual treatment, including arsenic. For some weeks prior to the

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co-operate in every possible way with physicians and

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in selected cases, to use to such degree as seems safe and

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