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Causes. — The factors chiefly concerned in the occlusion of intra-
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demic outbreaks in armies, jails, barracks, institutions, etc., predispose to the
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reports of the officers and committees will be presented along with new business. On Wednesday
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altered gave her a fourth of a grain of morphine to relieve
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secondary, comparatively unimportant, element ? And if this reasoning ap-
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the work of his profession and devoting himself to it with untiring
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peritoneum anteriorly, to a substance that occupied
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which have died had been attacked by gastro-enteritis.
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below 102.5° the baths are given regularly without reference to the fever.
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patient acceptance and validation, fulfill expectations, pro-
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the activity of putrefactive bacteria, and to favor
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the normal relationship is lost. This produces abnormality which
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as regards diet, ventilation, etc., as to the more judicious use of remedial
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the foot, or by acts of defecation or urination, <&c., although all direct
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and notice whether it is cut or lacerated, as these facts may, it is presumed,
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The differential characters which Ixjlong to the former are the low s]x^cific
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mal criteria, and clinical application. Radiology 1984; 150:
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which is increased by attempted mastication. The pain
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other the relation of cause and consequence, or not), are both to
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flatulence ; but here again it is better to avoid and prevent distress, by
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movements are awkward. With the progress of the case, sensory
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o-mi). [Gr. «(^<c bl^tdder + ^P^xi^ neck + T0f4
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exertion, and oedema of the ankles characteristic of malarial cachexia.
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danger, and never afterwards had recourse to it, except in violent