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Vines; C A. ; Dr. Beatty; Mr. Solly; Dr. Fayrer; Mr. Plant ; Mr.

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will a resort to the same measure or to the douche a few days

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countries, even among the highest classes, and in persons of intelligence.

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water bottles or hot bricks should be placed near his feet to keep

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Motions of which Notice has been Given at a Previous Meeting.

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lated into guinea-pigs which had been protected by the injection of

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own account, as a general and constitutional state,

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was characteristic — congestion of whole countenance

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frequency in syphilised subjects, and in men rather than women. In general

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knee. After enclosing the kneecap, the tendon continues down-

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be drawn from the median vein by means of a sterile syringe. The cotton

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Dr. Eden said lie thought great credit was due to the author for the

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complicated acts while totally unconscious: and I rend within a few days in a

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Pustular lupus is often associated with the presence of suppurating scrofd-

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preceding variety. In many cases belonging to this form the lesions are

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excellent reputation of the Chicago Surgical Clinics.

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water, then dropping the medicine upon it, after which it

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•Mr. Lawrence says, "as erythema, simple erysipelas, and phlegmonous

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himself. The forward motion of the car rotated him and

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3. For saddle-galls and warbles : Goulard' s extract 2 dr.,

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In April, 1857, while serving on board of the U. S. ship Inde-

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him carefully, Professor Leyden told him he thought his trouble was

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■which it is really impossible for any body of gentlemen (as I

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seemed to have failed, inhalations of oxygen were tried but

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cracked, thus constituting sources of danger. The descriptions

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the Lobelia, but I obtained some from my brother and about two

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become as big as a child's head inside the chest, press-

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4 per minute, and getting feebler. Artificial respiration was

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1966. Sullivan, Howard E., Jr., Bryn Mawr Medical Bldg., Bryn Mawr, Pa. (19010)