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ambulatory radionuclide monitoring of left ventricular function
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In a chapter upon "Dextrality and Sinistrality" he evolves his theory
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often are these diseased, and yet how imperfectly studied and how little
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the ditch ; and the flock of the deceased woman's bed was strewed
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with the tumor ; the ha3morrhage following its detachment, and tlie
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M. Landouzy, in a rSsum^ of M. Petit' s paper on this subject in the Revue
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ive disturbances and reduce the oxidizing power of the red
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gastric secretion in 75 per cent, of the cases, of which two-thirds showed h^-per-
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size of the frontal projection of the heart. But even such cases need not
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that some of the Chinese students in the United States
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hemorrhage, I gave it a trial, and found it rarely failed one. Since then
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ness of the patient. The chairman of this committee, however,
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you be also. No man, old or young, knows everything in medicine. The field
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in my first patient, or after epileptiform convulsions, as in my second one.
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of these had mature cataract in the other eye. In 3 the
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develop in such cases, which, of course, are very common. In these