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done. The remaining case had been one of strangulated hernia,

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Another condition I have met with, is in the case of

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tion was again suppressed. On March 9, 1909,^ two healthy twin children were

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the presence of fluid or pus, or surlicient ground for the

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placed in the box, it having not yet melted, the mercury stood at 69

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Died in seventy-two hours from the attack. Blisters,

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It is a very desirable location for a physician, having been the

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suits the patient best. A bath at this degree of heat dilates the cuta-

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on our way to Newbern. I parted with the medical corps with re-

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denomination than five dollars, issued by solvent banks,

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warm salt and water. In less than fifteen minutes the patient

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Welfare. It is acceptable to the medical profession

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the tubers, such as potatoes, the sugars of the cane, beet, fruits, etc.,

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a short note on the subject, which I regard as a necessary

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The statistics relating to the summer school for the years

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treated in the army since the publication of circular

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the cataract operation until the onset of the glaucoma. As a result of the

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equal and the population is stationary. With a birth-rate of

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Tablk No. X. A. — Number of Preijuaucji of Patients in ivhom the

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tain relief, walks about the chamber, and compresses the abdomen

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spores. Detritus and coccidia lie free in the cavity,

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board-like rigidity of the rectus muscle, and the want of any quicken-