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policies to legalize some or all currently illegal drugs. Yet
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1884 Kelley, Joseph Henry Worcester Nov. 10, 1914 52
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is thoroughly washed out with an antiseptic, local suppura-
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2\ drachms; iodine, 15 grains; and Avater, 3 ounces. Large
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rosis jiedis. Piov. San.-Ber, d. k, Med. -Coll. zu Kouigsb.
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2. Grease Heel, Scratches and Old Sores, Good Lini-
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zation, of the headache is various; sometimes the head was
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But, in general, bleeding is not requisite nor of service in this va-
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(287 days) ; no intercourse, however, had taken place until November 18
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The cough now became hacking, but intermittent, each fit of
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Figs. 3 and 4. — True moccasin. See pit in front of the eye in Fig. 4 and oval pupil. Dark-
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assimilate a large quantity of lactose without detriment. The
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tion, held at Atlantic City, X. J.. June 5-8, 1900.
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I' Laboratory Diagnosis. — Eyre obtained cultures from blood from
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plegia of alcoholic, syphilitic, or metallic poisoning,
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genitalia. — Jno, A. Hale, M, D,, in Medical Herald.
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was held April 11, at Putnam. Dr. Laura H. Hills, Williman-