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of the past two years the question of their relation to the

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battered bv their spouses, and between 700,000 and 1 . 1 million of the elderly population are

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nocturnal outbreaks. In many cases, however, it appears at irresiilar

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observed in approximately one percent of hypertensive patients in clinical tri-

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rather labored. At 6 p.m. the rabbit lay on its side;

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have tended to show that the edema of the disease is dependent

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Chauveau, Jean P., 31 W. 60th St.. NVu Fork, NVu fork Co. Original.

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irritation. On the contrary, inflammatory affections of different

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That it takes place in living tissue by the action of the

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certain degTee of power in inducing relaxation of tissue. But

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symptoms are jaundice, great irritability of the stomach, giving rise to un-

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membranes of serous cavities may be absorbed, and disappear

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which orthoepists themselves are not in accord, but his

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occur where many are crowded into a limited space, as jails, barracks, ships,

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cases. The first occurred in a man aged forty, who presented himself

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sacrifice the kidney to save the patient's life. This is a

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forgotten that, despite the rapidly progressive researches

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these lesions give rise, as the primary effect, to over-repletion of this

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ulcers, to cicatrization of ulcers produced by irritant poisons, and of ulcers

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months. It is not confined absolutely to the summer

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the conductors of the cliniques. A most unfair advantage is thus gained ;

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agree that it is often difficult to arrive at a positive diagnosis during this

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if it should touch human eyes the sight would be destroyed. But in

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the workings of the law ; of self-interest, detectives, and

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a peculiarly ludicrous manner, the sternum almost touching the

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attempt made to maintain the circulatory equilibrium by

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clearly syphilitic papules appeared on the abdomen. Gland

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