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the nature and seat of tliis affection, with the view of determining the

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ever^ ni^txt, as repomm^nded by Marion Sims, is one of the

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dry year), 20.466 inches on 145 days in 1901, 24.481 inches on

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they are found in connection with the blood-vessels

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of Council of Education whether it was true that the cattle

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steam and lobelia, is a disgrace to the profession. The author has a

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Strychnine sulphate (poison) (-^-grain tablets). — ^Is a bitter tonic

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not become a habitual drunkard is not due to his will power,

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right side of the chest behind, there was a loud, double,

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been associated with " duodenal " or " pyloric " symptoms.

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whose reciprocal specimens with the recipient's serum and corpuscles

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symptoms varied from those usually described in maladies of this nerve,

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an amount which did not before impress it at all unpleasantly or

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were soft and atrophied in their posterior third. Both optic tracts normal.

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the city hospital. Dr. Landgraf, the family physician, and

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place when the brain is attacked, and also when the virus has

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the capsule shutting off the inflammatory mass from the

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(in 12 alone and in 57 with streptococci) in 69, and other bacteria in 3

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mechanical injury. In such cases the nature of the injury will

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cating purposes. In order to feed the patient it is convenient to fix an

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sloa. ' latina. theri.a. I "^^ pUils. rhoea ' ler.a.

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16 patients (30%) were not interested in any further treat-

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are trophic changes to be prominent. They may be met with either

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In 14 samples at least 100,000, hut less than 1,000,000.

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ease is seen only in infants. The disease begins suddenly,

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mosquitoes) ague affords some argument in favour of the theory.

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Keep up artificial respiration, and precordial kneading faithfully for a long time.

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dawn of modern pathology and by others at the present

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ocular muscles ; a substitute for advancement, ^lanhat-