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International Clinics.— Edited by A. O. J. Kelly, A.M.,

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total of $5,000. Interest is one per cent (1%) from

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of immunity obtained through the ordinary small, local vaccination.

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lost about twenty pounds in weight, had excessive urination, an

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order will best serve to set forth the most important steps.

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der may cause obstruction, partial or complete. However,

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deepens into coma, the pulse fails, the discharges are involuntary, and

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of such a nature as to prevent a repetition of the disease.

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Vade-Mecum " (London, 1890), in his chapter on clear-

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off four or five ounces of normal urine. The abdominal wall was

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tained, and is absolutely essential in deep resections of the

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" McDonald, C L. : Observations Drawn from 100 Cases Treated

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certain feeble parasites of allopathic medical societies who are de-

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occurs in the behaviour of both the auricle and the ventricle during the