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forms due to bright light, cold, smoke, dust, and gases from ill ventilation; but
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pathology, Pinel divided diseases into five kinds, namely, fevers,
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ployees is a benefit to the hospital, to the physician,
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Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surge it
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of Metropolitan Board of Health, New York, for 1867.
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A current from ten to fifteen of Siemens and Halske should be passed
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remain in excess while the other constituents continue unaffected. Defl*
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tion of the arm and forearm disappeared under the physiological changes of colour,
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This form of paraplegia can be exactly reproduced in animals.
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area supplied by the obliterated vessel undergoes necrobiosis, unless the
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seldom swine. Here are bred, says "Dr. Gulia, the zymotic
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bonate of potash 3 parts, cyanide of potassium 1 part.
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of insanity. AVhen knowledge is gradually made to take the
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In the literature at my command I can find very little refer-
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in suitable cases, may furnish an area of increased density caused by
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