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cumscribed retropharyngeal space, Just lateral to the

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Worcester is a Doctor of Philosophy and a Professor of

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Dec. If, 1896; 3"Pract.,"-May, 1897 ; '•"Journ. de clin.," iv. No. 18.

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{Semaine MM., March 22, 1899) states that guaiacol will render

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of the foot ; (J) its course and persistency- — it is ill-sustained, and instead

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The Use of the Tow Pessaey. Bj'Edward Copeman, M.D., Senior

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sign of lead-poisoning and there was no lead-line on the gums. I

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these cases into the category of congestive dysmenorrhoea, and

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Sayre in their bereavement, and that the above testi-

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rent, irreducible, inguinal hernia after operation for radical

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although tlie noses were clear and the sinuses were treated, the patients

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occur in all kinds of morbid growths, but is most common in fibroma

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present methods is seen in the following words : Com-

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(k) A disngard of rules. The cla^ji of patients we have had were

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ment, loss of colloid substance and perhaps desquamation. In extreme

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form of the tincture or the fluid extract. The dose of

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2. Mr. Spooner says salts in 2 -lb doses, with a little ginger,

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hand, we are convinced that any National Health Insurance

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again let me call to mind that it is sometimes this very faith in your

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brain injuries which woald be trifling in the adult are serious to

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as a true myxoma and considered that stroma of the neoplasm was

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because that will put us in this position — we shall, in the first

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of the lobe of the like-named side; e. ff., destruction of the left lobe produces

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patient was such that I considered her very ill and expected

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but not admitted. A few days later the patient was ex-

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between them, and conseqviently do not appear in every transverse

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On the other hand, the retardation of pulse in an asthmatic boy, Avhich,

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which we have described as belonging to tabes. We must then look