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or more or less continuous, indicative of the concomitant biliary infection.
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The nature and origin of this condition is even yet not entirely
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February 17th. Strained gruel was substituted for beef-tea in injec-
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alcohol, the demand will increase proportionately with
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repeated. It is unwise to set one class of Fellows of the College
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shown himself to be a source of public danger, but it is a public duty- and
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them, and continuous across the intervertebral substance. This deposit
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which his opinion is based. Dr. Conolly has shown that there are objections
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signs were imminent, it was decided to open the subarachnoid space by
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the medulla oblongata becomes the seat of excitability or sensitivity.
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insane. The prevailing idea is to look after the farm,
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air, plays the principal part in the cures — time, plenty
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day, but is compelled to rise from his bed several times in the night in
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fewest possible words, or his reader is sure to skip them ; and in the plainest possible words, or his
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Tr. Path. Soc. Lond., 1887-8, xxxix, 208, 2 pi. : 1888-9, xl,
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haps on admission considered an acute attack was at length
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brain and the cranial nerves were healthy. On open-
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wounds of the great blood-vessels of the neck than of the heart— suicide and
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schools, that not only should post-graduate work be firmly established,
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palate even in the presence of contamination from the nasal and buccal
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substances calorig^nes et frigorig^nes d'origlue microbi-
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The fever which precedes the local lesions is termed the primary
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water bags are placed in the bed, and a blanket is put under the
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mends to patient and physician as a mouth disinfectant,
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pulmonary capillaries became sufficient for the transudation of serum through
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often objected that the whole subject of physiology is in such
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admit an increase of 90 for the session now closed, and assume 2,450 as
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Feeling confident that the uterus was empty, for it cer-