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diphtheria, in the first few days only, by the antitoxine of diphtheria
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The treatment required is usually very simple. A few
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ate of Soda, 20 grains Muriate of Soda, and 2 grains
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with this subject a recent paper by Halkin "^ is of interest.
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The Committee on Registration reported adversely to the appli-
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action, etc., which he has distributed among those interested. He
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central corneal opacity, without or with iritic adhesions; prolapsus iridis,
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urethra is attended with more risk than in any other part,
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are thus recorded : — Four were murdered, one fell from a tree,
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The final variety of loose articular body is that produced by the breaking away,
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1899, Ixx, pt. 2, 2. Hlfte,404-406. — Sipicre(L. ) Du mildew ;
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also prepares saturated solutions of the following named indicators, by dissolving
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term for this committee Instead of one. Seconded by Dr. L. R.
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the stenosis being produced by bands of adhesions or soft or tough membranes,
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treated by Sir A. Cooper, and Mr. Lawrence, that we might
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other hand, pain in the upper abdomen, followed within