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seldom swine. Here are bred, says "Dr. Gulia, the zymotic

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in the simplicity of their form, the periodicity of the different stages, (al-

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may be referred to for further details. The name of Delhi,

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Professor of Surgery, Medical Department, University

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In May, 1905, a second effort was made by submitting to

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laA' to visit the wards also examine them as to undue restraint. If

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more difficult duty to perform than to decide as regards at

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These figures are smaller than those given by Langley, but as he

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the hands of the butcher, who is to deliver it up at the end of

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On motion of Doctors Edward-Doyle, carried, the minutes

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abdominal incision was then closed and rubber drainage employed.

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that it was with great difficulty that we have been able to make

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tines would float upon the fluid, and give resonance on

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In 1865 the sight of the left eye became impaired from acute

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cent of sulphuric acid. This degree of acidity arrests the action of

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by and by attract the attention of the nurse, who, in

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storm comes sweeping over the nation, within a year after the war closes, sell on the spot what-

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kept up at each consultation until the epidermis of the canal assumes the appearance

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observes that a brief but variable period often precedes

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ately before the operation the stomach was thoroughly washed

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pursue its entire course unaccompanied by either jaundice or

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lining its cavity, its enlarged veins and lymphatics,

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studies of croup and the employment therefor of trache-

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tablespoonfuls of Parmesan cheese, a sprinkling of pepper.

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Strabismus is frequent, usually temporary, though it may recur during

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other kind of caustic treatment (unprofessional), which

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was a very uncertain period. When we considered that over

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increase of the left breast, which was removed by Dr. Phelps,

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patient being instructed, at the same time, to make an effort to speak. In