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expected elTect is one that is capable of simulation, however

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analogous to tliat noticeable in the ova from the eye of the

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of cystitis. The vesical wound tended to close spontaneously

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manner in which patients carried out the directions given

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proximately from the region overlying the tensor vaei-

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discussion ; it is sufficient, however, to point out here that, in addition to

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shed no positive light upon the mode of production of sympathetic in-

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new asylum at Brockville adds considerably to the pro-

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to find the starting-point of the reflex, in order to determine from that

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(2) only the bony portions of the chest-wall is removed; (3)

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naltvphus betreffend. Ztschr. f. Hyg., 1891, x, 163-166.—

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pation, dig-estive troubles, menstrual disorders and

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tuberculosis, .in the sequelae of the exanthemata, in adynamic fevers,

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" A young man belonging to Plainfield, (N. H.) who had left his

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methods of treatment. The general practitioner ought, and the surgeon,

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which he stated that he had proved the present system

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assurance that it will not. This report is not a part of the reg-

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twelfth, and thirteenth centuries was materially influenced

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'^ fill or distend the i)ericardial sac, s^Tnptoms are added which proceed

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young adults. In catarrhal jaundice the morbid processes may rarely extend

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comed without jealousy the works of other countries, invest-

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to full term, without any specially untoward symptoms, the

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alcohol from mixed thoracic blood ; I have never failed to do

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they may occlude a tubule or more at first, but ultimately be washed

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f intra-cranial tumors. Morbid changes in the optic disks, either

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or heat, vomiting, constipation, or diarrhoea, presence or

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mission finally classified into almost fifty groups, re-

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purchased and distributed in all of the towus, and many districts have

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Section 1. Section 6 of chapter 426, of the laws of 1903, is amended to

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again and again, it may be, these alternations of illness and comparatively

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. has been cultivated by Xicolaier and later by Xitasato.

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As the eggs increase in amount, connective tissue forms round

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more or less impaired, and the motions were pale or otherwise discoloured, and