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Of the remedies to be employed for the destruction of the tapeworm, one
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It is not surprising that patients suffering from jaundice should sooner
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As the metabolic disturbances in diabetes have to do mainly with the
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Dr. Wallace Beatty has published a summary of known cases with
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uterine tumors. One of those aborting a foetus at three
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years, he practiced in Muncie, Pennsylvania. He was assistant superintendent at
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Emetics. — Emetics are substances which produce vomiting. Th-
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resembling the primordial spermatozoon in size and properties, it is clear
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method of duct injection with a synthetic polymer by Duber-
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extensively, being a comparatively cheap substance. Its germicidal
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to such a locality, would also disseminate the germs of their
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fold of skin at the stifle, is shaved and carefully disinfected. Then,
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of yellow. Th3 microscope showed more or less fatty
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Applications to be sent on or before June 1, to Mr. C. B. Hodgson,
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Fig. 3. — The same preparation. The glenoid plate and inferior
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among them Friedlander's bacillus pneumoniae, the streptococcus, etc.
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suitable still, to the residue should be added distilled water, an
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advice I acted, and the result has proved its soundness.
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breathe through it. The sense of smell was also absent. On examination
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While some physiologists are of opinion that the un-
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MARIE, P. La semaine med. 1893, p. 444. 74. MENZEL. Arch. f. Psych. Bd. xxii.
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nership. Contact Dept. 70 in care of the Journal. lOtfn
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I saw him it was evident that the blood came from bleeding
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cularis, thinning of the mucous membrane, and dilatation of the walls