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Dairy Division of the United States Department of Agri-
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so honorable a place in medicine, than to allow itself to
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then, that the surgeons had sufficient confidence in
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Meeting of the Academy, on the motion of the Council, if two-thirds of the
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Larson JM . Peirce JC, Ellinger DM , et al : The validity and
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Case IV. — Mr. J. G. W., aged sixty-six years, was taken with influenza on
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The left kidney is swollen to almost double its size, and is flabby and
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flammation and union. Dr. McX. was requested to givo tho history of the
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of congenital equino-varus. Cinciu. Laucet-Cliuic, 1892,
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there has been a steady incr jase in tie enlis;ed force of the
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Gaz.," Feb. 15, 1897 ; 3" New York Med. Journ.," Dec. 5, 1896.
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ingenuity and management skills which are so characteristic
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was president of the State Association in 1889 and contributed
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knowing wherein they differed from the appearances of health.
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Vought, Ph.B., M.D. Illustrated. i2mo. no pp. 75 cents.
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agree that it is often difficult to arrive at a positive diagnosis during this
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air is poured into the cavity of the thorax. More commonly the
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attempt to eliminate proteins. At the Chicago L^-ing-in Hospital
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siderable degeneration and the medullary substance was broken down
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the blood of these animals, not only during the period of acute
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examines scientific hypotheses relating to disease.
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general nutrition begins to fail after a long period of re-
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up of nutritive matters, but also by interfering with
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ancient history, but my excuse is that, as far as I can