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Dr. Beeler was born in Jefferson County, Ky., December 21, 1830,

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then often lift his foot from the ground, as if the pain were

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can, it often takes some time to relieve them. In these veratrum

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right lobe only traces of it were found. In all of the

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promulgate the message that the provision of medical

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nous avons mis hors de contestation dans plusieurs publications."

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fore, be watched carefully, to guard against this fatal symptom.

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Medical Association should be to create a Dominion Medical

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Seventy-eight cases came under my personal observa-

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property is undoubtedly due to a putrefied state of the curd, or to the pro-

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Of the disease, he notices but two species, distinguished as the

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revised and enlarged. Illustrated with 47 engravings

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effusion of lymph on the convexity of the liver, and on the

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the duodenimi after ulcers have healed, or the thickening and consecu-

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which had completely recovered from acute poliomyelitis and proved

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This excellent book comes to hand at a very opportune time

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siderably in length and position, and is therefore unreliable.

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the pleural surface opposite the base of the right lung and the

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bowels above the seat of the obstruction get distended by their contents,

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necessary to remove the entire area by a circular incision and either

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example, suppose that the infant suffers from pyelitis of

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from the inside of the nose. If that failed, an external operation could l)e

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ettusions. In cases which terminate fatally, extensive effusions,

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Mr. I^rtV Ulest work, •*8tudle« In Charch History," ]

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combinations occurred in women, and nearly all of them were patients of a

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nerves supplying those parts. Such hemorrhage was not likely to have

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nerve have been discovered, and an impression is made upon

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ciated, although he may take more than the usual quantity of food.