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he is " not disposed to recognize two distinct sources of origin, or, what
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ethylate to deliquesce. The follow ing powder is applied : —
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even a dentist would furnish gold-foil, No. 4 or lighter, which would
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acute nephritis, and although the urine is diminished in amount, yet it
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classes. The excellent c curses in Chemistry and Physics are given in Davidson
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ists beyond himself, feels and perceives what is around
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The acute attack may begin when chronic lesions are already present,
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were fat and frequent in the pure water of Casco Bay,
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Repr. from,: Proc. Inst. Civ. Eng., Lond., 1894-5, cxxi,
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of the lingual tonsil, a frequent cause of a most obsti-
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capable of propagation or generation; induced by a specific
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A chill occurs in ninety per cent, of the cases; sometimes
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circulation ; and, hence, it appears to be most specifically in-
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of Rolando. Ecker calls it the anterior central con-
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decompose, the odor and crusts both disappear. Clinical
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It may be thought that inasmuch as we have found so much to criti-
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fourth month, when auscultation first becomes available. In the fourth v< < B
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sures will be higher after a given rate of walking at a high altitude
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to recognise that severe pain in the ear is more often indicative of purely
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knowledge of controlling it, and would pass water in
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piece of copper shell, as expected, a piece of gravel as large as a coffee
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This consists in the heating of milk to 60° C. (140° F.) for twenty
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as an abnormally developed cotyledon. It has actually been seen in
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Researches on the Alterations in Arteries after lAgiUure. By