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tions useful in clearing up difficult points in diagnosis, they also reveal
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coccus is found in the nasal and oral cavities of apparently healthy
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sary to remove this before a cure can be effected. When the
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Most schemes of colonization that failed — failed
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at -15 mm. below the bregma (scalpV indicates the upper limit of the
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produce irritation, the cornea becomes vascular, that is, blood
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tional disturbances and derangements, as the result either of inhibition
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test, though occasional positive reaction will follow injections
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April last, when, having made up his mind to submit to ope-
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to remedy the existing evils, and to make the medical
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uncommon for fragments to be passed at short intervals for many juts*
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cannot but think that it is much like " Carrying coals
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mixed gray and red. It is usually considered that gray hepatization is a later
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when our shelves are already crowded, there is no occasion to
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same time, the influenza raged iu Italy also ; but forty
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ulant. Dose : One tablet containing 0.65 mlHigramme.
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Town, F. L., Major and Surgeon. Relieved from duty in De-
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desired sleep and tninquillity were more or less distinctly
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there is at some time a reversible action — that is, a dissociation of the
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Life-History.— The full life-history has been worked out by
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as on? possessing special value because of its accessi-
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But let the vital knot be cut even in the midst of the highest
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fact is so patent that it has been said, with fair scientific warrant, that
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raent of causes these may be distinguished as Causal indications; 2d,
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thus loosened from its sheath, and may be readily removed by
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A. T.— We think it would be in accordance witli etiquette that the Medical
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those of acute cynanche, and thar they arc often more deceptive. We